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Business Audit

Business runs on information, regardless of the industry or size of a company.  The quality and timeliness of information is crucial to business owners in making critical decisions.  In order to make wise and profitable decisions, it is of paramount importance to have a thorough Business Audit.

The Business Audit is a comprehensive 200+ point analysis of the critical functions of your organization including the financial, operational and sales functions. 

The Business Audit will touch virtually every area of your company and establish how each area affects the company's profits, cash flow and ability to grow. 

The Business Audit compares each area to pragmatic, accepted management methods used in prosperous small to medium sized business operating today.


The Business Audit identifies areas, and gives specific recommendations, where management (ownership) can be challenged to make changes that will improve sales, profits, and organizational effectiveness.

The Business Audit determines estimated cost savings that will be realized by taking corrective actions.

In-depth findings and recommendations will be provided in a formal written and oral presentation that will specifically outline ways to capitalize on the company's strengths and correct the company's weaknesses.  Included in the audit is an implementation time table with recommendations for outside assistance, if warranted, as well as a detailed summary of benefits to be realized after corrections have been made.