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Customer Testimonials


"I believe DeFoe Consulting has given us the tools we need to succeed.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is struggling in their business.  Joe has been highly professional and has worked diligently for us over the past three weeks.  To be perfectly honest, I am not sure how he was able to get all the work done that he has.  My entire team here has embraced the changes and is moving forward to better our company for us all.

- Jim O., President and Owner, Distribution Co.


"I would like to take this time to express my complete satisfaction with the work Joe and his team at DeFoe Consulting has done.  The work was slightly modified to enable us to implement the Incentive Program in the first phase rather than the second phase.  The management at Cedar Electric is extremely satisfied with the work completed in phase one and look forward to working on phase two."

- Doug C., Owner, Electrical Contractor


"We have been striving for this outcome and were aware that we did not have the knowledge or the resources to achieve this goal ourselves.  Thankfully, DeFoe Consulting came along.  We are extremely satisfied with the work that they have done on our behalf and are looking forward to our continued relationship."

- Billie K., Managing Member, Excavating Co.